Loneliness. What do we understand by the word loneliness, it doesn`t only consists of being alone or feeling lonely. It consists of  how we feel by being left, perhaps rejected. The painful part is when you are feeling really down, and when you look around there is no shoulder for you. 

This quote relate to my title today: 

Those moments, those words and sayings, no one knows....
Those nights that rains with memories. No one knows.....
Neither I know nor you, how did the climate changes...into a terrifying  storm.
Where did these vibes comes from.....which brings along millions of grief to deal with.

Walking alone is tough but when you realize you had cried enough you will find the strength to struggle with. Imagine that you are in a battle and you need to fight with your fear of being all alone. Don`t  search the reason to live or to find happiness some where else. You got enough courage to deal with yourselves. What you need is a little more confidence !!!

On the other hand, standing alone in a particular point of life, make you stronger enough to take difficult decisions by yourselves.  A person who has nothing to lose, has no fear of losing. Appreciate things that make you happy, create your own world of happiness. Before you give up, realized that all great & precious things are lonely. Accept the fact and move on with confidence. 

Perhaps this might help: 
Go with the passion in you....drinking droplets of time....
Break your heart from its cage, embrace life with open arms...
Fall in love with yourself, live each moment like its your last.
If you capture each moment of life like a butterfly, they will leave their fragrance and color when you leave it by its feathers.
Time keeps moving...but time still leaves its color.
Learn to smile in the bright curtains....those curtains spread happiness by giving light....learn to set hearts on fire....even if its for a moment....keep a hope, however make it a promise. 


I totally understand that sharing suggestion is easy but its really hard to be in someone shoes. But trust me, you`re not the only person who is going through this. Tears burst out,  hearts broke apart....but you are the only one who can cured yourself. Because, you understand yourselves better. 
Accept life with open arms, breathe calmly, lighten your heart from the pain let the tears drop once for all. And move on with confidence....because from then you know yourselves more better. Understand your value. You are all precious. 

Good luck everyone. 

Thank you for reading 

Aakansha Garima ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

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